Pole Dancing Poles

x stage


The best portable, podium stage – with no corners! X-Stage!

xpert dance

X-Pole Xpert

So you feel you want to spin?

spinning pole

X-Pole Xpert

There are beginners, experts and then there are x-pole xperts!

authentic x pole

Authentic X-Poles

The poles might not be made in the UK, but they are sold here by X-Pole UK

x pole ebay

X-Pole Ebay

X-Pole Ebay – finding pole dancing classes is one thing, finding a second and x-pole is something harder to do!


Whilst other pole dancing poles are available X-Pole rules the roost!

x-pole sport

X-Pole Sport

Dance is a sport – dance pizazz is even sportier – but as for the x-pole sport, perhaps that is about as sporty as they ever come!