spinning pole

X-Pole Xpert

There are beginners, experts and then there are x-pole xperts!

authentic x pole

Authentic X-Poles

The poles might not be made in the UK, but they are sold here by X-Pole UK

x pole ebay

X-Pole Ebay

X-Pole Ebay – finding pole dancing classes is one thing, finding a second and x-pole is something harder to do!

x stage


The best portable, podium stage – with no corners! X-Stage!

xpert dance

X-Pole Xpert

So you feel you want to spin?


Whilst other pole dancing poles are available X-Pole rules the roost!

x-pole sport

X-Pole Sport

Dance is a sport – dance pizazz is even sportier – but as for the x-pole sport, perhaps that is about as sporty as they ever come!


Charanga kerchinga

Every Dance has it’s Place

Find what you’re looking for in the DancePizazz directory

Business of Love

The business of love can be a serious one – but not on Dance Pizazz

Cajun Holiday

No need to take a Cajun holiday, you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Dimension Cha

Cha Cha and Cha Again

Ease On Down

Hunker on down dude – or maybe just ease on down.

X-Pole Faded

So what to do when your x-pole is faded and jaded?


Fame – I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly HIGH!

Good to Go

The hips don’t lie – are you good to go?

Its All Right – pole dancing poles for all

Its all right to say you like to dance, it’s all right to say you like pole dancing

Jr Drop

Jr Drop – and then pick yourself up again!


karmachamelion – peekboo you come and go

Love Trick

It’s a love trick – a pole trick and an easy one at that!

Mack The Knife

Guess who’s back in town?

Miss X-Pole California

Miss X-Pole California

Zumba Mueve La Colita

Pole sport meets zumba with a xpert tempo…

My Guy

My Guy and Me! It’s two up a pole!!

Run Around Sue

Run around – or maybe spin on the x-pole xpert until you get a bit dizzy!

Take Your Time

Take your time, play peekaboo don’t let them get you spinning!


Valerie loves to X-Pole

Jazz it Up

Jazz it Up – make it funky!

Addicted to Love

Addicted to love

Hilly Billy Hook

Don’t be a silly billy – be a hilly billy hook and spin x-pole!

Lost In You

Lost in you lost forever – can you find me? Peekaboo!

Mars Attack

Mars Attack – the chances of anything coming from mars is a million to one!


Round and Round like a circle in a wheel – gyrate away!

Big Moments

The big moments in Dance – not all of them, but the ones you’ll remember!